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Move Forward Faster​

$5,000 Cap + Residual Income​

Join our Accelerate program to take your career to the next level!

At Briko, we believe agents should come first.  We set out to create a business model where the agent can thrive by having more money in their pocket and Move Forward Faster.  We did this by creating a simple and powerful $500 per transaction model with a 10 transaction cap per year.  This aligns an agent's cost with their revenue and caps their annual cost at a reasonable level so the agent isn't weighed down with excessively high broker fees.

We also wanted to create a residual income program that would offset short term costs and have the potential to create long term wealth.  This creates an alternate revenue stream for agents and allows Briko to grow at a rapid pace.  Everyone wins!  

Lastly, we created our Accelerate program to help agents reach the next level in their real estate careers.  Hear from industry leading Coaches who have become leading agents in their markets.  Learn how to understand and break down Lead Generation in a way that works for you. Give us a call today so you can Move Forward Faster!


Commission Model

  • Keep 100% of Your Commission

  • Pay $500 / transaction

  • 10 transaction cap / year

A broker model so simple and so good, it can be explained in 3 bullet points.


** All examples below are based on a 1 year (12 month) timeframe.

Zero Homes Sold 

0 x $500 = $0

Ten Homes Sold 

10 x $500 = $5,000

Twenty Homes Sold 

10 x $500 = $5,000 (capped)

Residual Income

Create residual income for as long as you have a valid real estate license. Simply introduce agents to Briko and earn money on every non-capped transaction up to 3 referral layers deep.

3 Tier Referral Model


Example A

You refer 5 agents into Briko who each do 10 transactions each per year.


Example B

You refer 2 agents who refer 2 agents who refer 2 agents.

Each agent does a minimum of 10 transactions each per year.



Move Forward Faster with the Briko Accelerate program!  Hear from leading experts on Coaching, Lead Generation, and ways to take your business to the next level.  Book a Call to learn more.

Joe Peterson

"Briko is a brokerage built with the agent in mind.  The role of a broker has changed greatly over the past few years.  In the past the broker’s name mattered, the company mattered, but now with real estate turning into a consumer driven marketplace, it is the agent that matters.  The broker has been moved from the main attraction to a supporting cast, and that is how it should be.   

A brokerage cannot exist without agents and our goal is to create an environment where agent can thrive and grow their business their way. "

Joe Peterson, Broker / CEO

History of Briko

People ask us all the time, “How are you able to do broker services for such a low cost and have a residual income program?”.  It’s a great question and the answer lies in our history.  Briko was established in 2010.  Our primary focus was in moving foreclosure properties for banks and financial institutions.  In conjunction with this, we were also performing a good bit of property acquisition for investment funds.  With razor thin margins from the banks and investment funds, Briko learned how to become masters at process, efficiency, and vendor communication.  Under the leadership of Joe Peterson, the REO / Investment side of Briko was able to transact thousands of transactions annually.

In 2022, we saw a need and an opportunity to launch the residential agent side of Briko.  Briko has been able to leverage all the knowledge, people, and processes from the past decade plus and turn this into a broker model that is unmatched in cost and benefit.  Low per transaction fees, $5,000 cap, and a compelling residual income model.  The agent's response has been overwhelmingly positive.  Join us as we transform the way broker services are provided in the real estate industry.


What Our Agents Say

Erin Zachry - Realtor
Working with Briko gives me the tools and flexibility I need to grow my business.  The broker support is top notch!

Erin Zachry

Let's Get Started

Selecting the right brokerage is key to your real estate success.  If you have questions or would just like to have a confidential conversation, we'd love to connect.  

We look forward to talking soon!

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