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What We Do

Simply put – our goal is to deliver the best environment for our agents to grow.  We are a brokerage with the best agent plans, agent technology and agent support.  Our splits are simple and were designed by agents for agents.  Our Technology is powerful and is always FREE to every agent.   We support your brand and how you want to grow your career.


Briko puts the focus on our Brokers and Agents to help them grow their Brand. Briko is the people behind Briko, not Briko itself. We want to be a part of you’re the success behind your brand.


Whether you are experienced career professional or new to the business or Real Estate, we want you market yourself from the opportunity Briko already has in your market. Grow your business by leveraging ours.


Briko brings to you a proprietary seller listing system, buyer leads, personal agent websites, all while integrating seamlessly with industry leading CRM.


Our high-volume listing leads bring high volume buyer leads and web leads. Use our leads and platform to grow your business. Let Briko show you how to double your sales and grow your team.

We are the line where technology, marketing and real estate meet. We understand the value that a traditional agent holds in the market place, yet we believe there is more. We see the benefit of an agent with technology as a framework. The rise of On-Demand Technologies is causing changes in the industry that benefit the Broker, the Agent and the Consumer. At Briko Realty Services our goal is to Leverage the Technology to provide automation and instant access to real estate data between all parties: Buyer, Seller and Brokerage.





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We Love Agents – new or seasoned. If you are feeing stale or complacent and looking for a boost to grow your business let Briko show you how. See the opportunity and then learn how to maximize your growth. We believe in being agent friendly and agent success is what makes Briko successful, not the other way around.

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