Your Greatest Asset is YOU!

Dated: 01/24/2019

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Over seven decades ago Napoleon Hill wrote a book called Think and Grow Rich. He put forth the idea that you can think yourself to becoming rich. Millions have read his book and become wealthy and abundant. Still millions more have read the book, done nothing to change their thinking or even worse poo poo-ed the ideas as woo woo or silly.

Now, years later, we have an abundance of Neuroscience evidence (easily accessed through a simple Google search) verifying your mind creates your reality. Conclusion --your mind is your greatest asset AND your “key” to success, wealth, abundance, happiness and health.

It only takes an instant to recognize this simple science so why aren’t you utilizing the powerful asset you were born with? Could it be no one has ever taught you?

I am often asked how do you create a mindset of wealth. Simple really. Spend 51% or more time focusing on what you want rather than what you don’t want or don’t have and shazam! It appears like magic.

Sounds simple right? For years, I thought I “understood” this simple concept, only to experience re-runs of the same lackluster life over and over. Each day I simply inserted a new caster of characters.

To truly ignite the “Magic of your Mind”, thinking and intention are only one aspect of the manifestation process. In Think and Grow Rich“ Hill says, “Tell the world what you intend to do, but first show it.” Showing or “Acting as If” ignites the quantum field of possibility.

Sooooo, if you want to become a manifesting machine, I invite you to try this simple technique for the next week. I promise you, shift will begin to happen and you can stop re-running your usual script.

For the next week:

Choose one specific manifestation you would like to see in your life. Perhaps a job promotion, more clients, a trip to another country, new patio furniture, a new home, a relationship. . . .

For the next week, at least 51% of the time, “act as if” you are already experiencing this manifestation.

Here is the secret sauce: Experience the emotions of this situation being manifested. Enjoy every moment of it; give it lots of positive energy at least 51% of the day. Notice I said energy! Forget about positive thinking, it’s time for positive action. Actions are feelings, emotions, behaviors, reactions, conversations, the way you move, speak and connect.

For example, if you were to desire a beautiful new home, imagine yourself swimming in the pool behind your home, entertaining on the spacious patio, friends sharing your company. Imagine what music is playing, who do you connect with, what your conversations during the day sound like, what type of food you are buying, how do you feel when you wake in the morning. Begin to notice every detail of your life and how it aligns with this manifestation.

Throughout your daily activities, pay attention to every decision you make, every thought you think and most importantly, does your behavior comport with your desire. Would a person who already had the experience you desire, speak, act and feel this way. Even the conscious act of asking yourself these questions, creates more of what you want. Speak and act and feel as if you already have the experience in your life. Surround yourself with those you would if the experience was happening right now.

Begin to notice how many hours of the day you are “acting as if” and how many you are “acting as if you don’t have”.

Once you reach 51% of acting as if, shazam, SHIFT HAPPENS!
Let me know about your manifestations!

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