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Importance of a Realtor for New Builds

 Have you ever wondered into a model home when you are considering building?  I must say, I have.  THey have a sales person waiting for you to show you all of the unique features of

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Fireplace Weather

The long evenings of the winter months invites families to stay home and enjoy the warmth of their own home. Naturally, attention turns to the fireplace as both providing extra heat and as the focal

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A New Beginning

Last November, 2017 I was surprised with a diagnosis of rectal cancer.  My first reaction was "what is it like to die"?  After the initial shock and a loving mother prodding me miles away

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Frisco- Welcomes PGA

Did you see the news on Frisco being the new home to the PGA of America?  Great news for Frisco!  Great story from

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