A New Beginning

Dated: 12/05/2018

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Last November, 2017 I was surprised with a diagnosis of rectal cancer.  My first reaction was "what is it like to die"?  After the initial shock and a loving mother prodding me miles away from Texas to my frightened bedroom in California, I drove myself to the ER only to discover I truly was on death's door.  

As life would have it a funny thing happened during my hospital stay that week.  My sister Laurie visited me and we began to plan my fuutre.  Not a future of illness or treatments or even a life half of what I had known before, but a full blown new beginning I had not dreamt of before that day.

The original vision was not exactly as we sketched it out that week, but much of it is.  After 30 years of being immersed in the real estate industry from mortgage lending, escrow officer, property manager and industry compliance and training, there was one missing piece yet to complete the puzzle.  Real Estate Agent.  

After decades of coaching and mentoring clients on how to build a wealth and abundance mindset, it became crystal clear the fastest, easiest path to the dream is through real estate.  It's better than gold, commodities, stocks, bonds or savings.  

After one year of treatments of chemo, radiation, surgeries and incredible pain, I have uprooted my life, moved to Texas (again) and set out of this journey to help and encourage as many hopeful individuals as I can create the American Dream.

Join me and create the rich life I dream for you and for me!

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Debbie Dobbins

After 30 years in the real estate industry as a mortgage lender, trainer, escrow officer, property manager and finally as real estate agent I give you a 360 degree view of buying, selling and investin....

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