Foreclosed Homes

Interested in buying a bank owned, “distressed” or HUD Home? You have come to the right place. Below is some information on bank owned homes as well as HUD homes. Come meet with our expert team and we will work with you to get what you want in this market.

What's the difference?


When an owner defaults on the loan the trustee is directed to enforce the Deed Of Trust. The Deed of trust provides for taking possession of the property or selling it on the courthouse steps. On other types of loans which are commonly referred to as conventional the bank that held the loan retains the property for sale. A FHA or VA loan is insured by the government and if the holder of the lien wishes to apply for this protection the government pays the insurance and takes possession of the property. These properties when insured by FHA are what are commonly referred to as HUD Foreclosures or if insured by the VA are VAForeclosures. Typically the banks hire an Asset Manager to handle the sale of the properties.


HUD Homes are offered to the public on websites that are maintained by HUD approved companies.

Go to the HUD Home Store to find the HUD home of your dreams.


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A HUD Home can be sold to just about any homeowner who has cash or can qualify for a loan, ideally buyers who want to use the home for their primarily residence. If it is not sold, then it goes on the market to investors or second home buyers.


Buying HUD Homes: HUD Home is a residential property that has a FHA insured mortgage and goes into foreclosure. HUD then acquires the property and lists it through a real estate broker. The real estate broker must be registered with HUD to make an offer and submit a contract on HUD owned real estate. Certain groups are able to get special rates for buying HUD homes, including police officers, teachers and firefighters through the Good Neighbor Initiatives.

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